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Spring and summer seasons can pose special problems for pets. Help to keep your pets safe and healthy by following these simple recommendations.

Heartworm Disease:

Heartworm disease is caused by a parasite called “Dirofilaria immitis.” Heartworms infect a wide variety of mammals including cats and dogs. Adult heartworms generally live in the heart and major arteries of the lungs. Heartworms can only be transmitted from one animal to another by mosquito. Adult worms produce microfilariae, which may be found in the blood of infected dogs. Fortunately, heartworm disease can be prevented, if preventive medications are started early and are consistently given throughout the dog’s life.

Over Heating:

Any pet can suffer from being overheated during warm temperatures. Provide plenty of fresh clean water for your pet(s). Provide adequate ventilation and air circulation for your pet(s). Provide shade when your pet(s) are outdoors. Avoid over excursion during the warmest times of the day. Never leave your pet(s) in a parked vehicle.

Fleas and Ticks:

Watch for signs of these parasites that are prevalent during summer. Ask your Veterinarian for methods of flea and tick prevention.

Remember to check with your Veterinarian for vaccinations that may be due prior to vacationing.


Pet Insurance 101:

Pet Insurance can help cover the cost of veterinary bills. There are many to choose from, to help you with the process of picking a provider, please visit website for details. All insurance companies are different in their policies and prices, therefore, it is recommended that you contact them for more information. Most pet insurance plans work the same in the payment process. You first pay your veterinary bill and then you submit your claim form and a copy of the invoice(s) to your insurance provider. Thereafter, you will be reimbursed by your insurance carrier. The younger your pet is, the better to start insurance plan, in hopes that more will be covered in their lifetime. Furthermore, there are insurance providers that may cover senior pets as well. Please visit for more information and receive up to five quotes from  different carriers.